Spooky! Local Homebuyer Continues to Ask About Nearest Blimpie

HOUSTON, TX— Originally writing it off as a joke, Houston real estate agent Maria DeMarco confirmed that during multiple home tours, homebuyer Jeff Staton repeatedly asked about each home’s nearness to the sandwich chain Blimpie.

According to DeMarco, Blimpie-proximity seemed to be Staton’s only concern during their two days of touring homes around the Houston suburb of Spring. “He would nod his head as I told him the home specs. Seeming like a pretty normal guy. But at the end of each tour the only thing he ever said was, “Where my Blimpie?””

DeMarco used the online FIND MY BLIMPIE® tool to determine each home’s nearness to the few remaining Blimpie in the city. As the chain has faced massive closure since its peak in the 1980s, finding a home near a Blimpie has proven to be quite the challenge for DeMarco.

“There is only one Blimpies (sic) in Spring and it’s in a commercial area. I am questioning a lot about my life right now, but I do know that Jeff is going to need to compromise on location,” said DeMarco.

As of press time, DeMarco took Staton to an open house within short walking distance to the Blimpie off of Sawdust Road, where Staton reportedly got angry and told DeMarco, “I shouldn’t be this close.”

Blimpie, the international sandwich chain, did not respond to a request for comment, and as far as we can tell, has no PR team.

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