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Stroke Victim Wakes With A Bad Case Of Buyer’s Remorse Even Though He’s Selling His Condo

POCATELLO, ID — A 82-year-old Idahoan awoke this morning with a bad case of buyer’s remorse. The catch? He’s not buying anything.

In fact, Earl Jenkins recently put his Pocatello luxury condo on the market and was considering multiple offers when the stroke hit. The condominium is located in a highly desirable 55+ community that is as popular as it is quiet.

“If it weren’t for my neighbor’s ‘clap on – clap off’ home theater system and my occasional need for an ambulance, there’d be no noise around here at all!” notes Jenkins.

Medical experts state that it’s not that uncommon for a stroke to affect the linguistic regions of the brain, which will sometimes cause the victim to speak in a second language the individual did not realize they knew.

But as for a stroke causing a seller to experience buyer’s remorse? That is a medical condition so rare that the neurological department of the Mayo Clinic has invited Jenkins to their Minnesota facility for further study and care.

“Buy my condo and comp me tickets to Prince’s Paisley Park, and I’m there!” promises Jenkins.

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