nosey neighbor at open house

Everyone at Open House Just a Nosy Neighbor

AUSTIN,TX — Scanning the living room of the 1940’s bungalow that had been on the market for 14 days, real estate agent Linda Evans reported that everyone at her open house was just a nosy neighbor.

“No one’s even glanced at my flyers,” Evans lamented, as the couple from next door breezed past her to scope out the finger foods set out for potential buyers.

“I mean, come on, you’d think they’d at least acknowledge my existence,” Evans said, keeping her eye on a elderly woman who seemed to be inspecting the sellers’ fine china a bit too closely.

“Maybe I should post something on my Twitter account again,” said the desperate Evans, holding out hope that a cash buyer would walk into the charming fixer-upper at any minute.

At press time, Evans was seen anxiously looking out the window, while a longtime area resident who had no intentions of leaving his current home began rifling through the sellers’ medicine cabinet.

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