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Crazy! Real Estate Client Pays for Entire Transaction With Collectible Barbie Stockpile

Dallas, Texas– A Dallas REALTOR© recently reported that her client paid for the entirety of his Mid Century Modern ranch using only classic collectible Barbie dolls as collateral.

“He had mentioned wanting to pay for his new home with an unusual form of currency,” stated Frieda Cohen, long time agent in the Dallas area, “I just assumed he meant Bitcoin or some other form of cryptocurrency. I had no idea this was what he had in mind.”

After trying to talk her client into a more traditional form of payment, Cohen eventually gave in, stating that her client was “steadfast in his determination to make an offer with only Barbies.” To her surprise, the seller accepted his offer with minutes.

“He had the Holiday Barbie Collection 1996-2016 plus the Elvis and Priscilla Barbie Gift Set,” stated the seller when asked about the transaction, “how could I turn down an offer like that?!” The seller’s agent was unavailable for comment at the time of the interview.

It appears that sometimes a perfect match really can be made between buyer and seller. Contracts filled out with obscure payment methods instead of dollar amounts? Now that’s a different story altogether.

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