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Buyer Wants Agent to Know They’re Not Like Other Buyers

AUSTIN, TX — It’s not easy being a Millennial in today’s housing market. But today is a big day for potential first-time home buyer Milo Jones, age 31. Milo is finally ready to purchase his first house after years of his parents saving for his down-payment. “If I had to classify myself,” Milo said,” “I’d probably say I’m a Gen X stuck in a Millennial world with a Gen Z idea of the future. It’s really trying, but I’m finally ready to settle down and start investing in myself… and a property.”

Luckily for Milo’s agent, he’s prepared in all the ways a typical buyer isn’t. Thanks to the internet, Milo was able to do his own research on houses in the area, saving his agent up to minutes of time. He brought the list of homes he wanted his agent to unlock for him, as well as a list of demands — er, desires for what he wanted in his first home to the first meeting with his agent.

“I don’t want to be unreasonable, I just want a simple 2,000 square ft home on a fenced-in ½ acre lot, unrenovated but maintained, with a finished basement, 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, and a perfect view of the #austinskyline at sunset,” Milo said. “I know I can’t be picky in a market like Austin with a downpayment of only $50,000,” Milo said, “but I really want my first home to be somewhere I can see myself for the long-term — at least two years until I move to L.A. and start renting out this location.”

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