Broker and children

Dallas Broker Sponsors Elementary Open House to Promote Next Open House

Dallas, TX – This year, Edison Elementary’s back to school open house is sponsored by Terry Silvers of Terry Silvers Properties.

“The partnership just made sense,” said the bubbly Principal Burt. “We want our students and their families to feel at home when they’re at school, and Terry knows homes better than anyone.”

First graders reported seeing the 45-year-old Silvers wandering the halls during school hours, staging furniture and stripping the walls of macaroni art to make room for framed artwork. The school janitors and yard workers took the day off so Silvers could shine mirrors and prune bushes according to his high staging standards.

“I need everything to be perfect,” Silvers said while stapling business cards to programs printed on his brokerage’s stationary. “There’s no better way to promote my next open house than by making a great first impression at a school open house.”

Sure enough, parents were much more interested in speaking with Silvers than their children’s teachers. “I knew the open bar would be a good idea,” Silvers said with a cocktail shaker in one hand and listing photos in the other.

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