Frat moves into tiny home

Sigma Apple Pi Moves Into 300 Sq. Ft. Frat House

Austin, TX – Earlier this semester, the 20,000 square foot Sigma Apple Pi fraternity house at The University of Texas at Austin burned to the ground after an undisclosed hazing event got out of hand.

“My father and grandfather both lived in that house when they were in college,” slurred junior Chad Lucas. “It breaks my heart, but Sigma Apple Pi isn’t a house, it’s a brotherhood.”

This week, the chapter moves into a 300 square foot house on wheels. “The tiny house movement has made its way to Austin,” said their real estate agent, Dan Hernandez. “I’m sure this $40,000 home will last generations of new pledges.”

“The old house cost a lot to maintain. We’ll save a lot of money at this place, and we can use that money to host more events, you know, for charity,” said Brandon “Big Kahuna” Smith while placing an order for three Yeti coolers and 1,000 ping pong balls.

When asked how all the guys were going to fit in such a small home, fraternity president Josh Martin said, “The underclassmen can sleep in the bathroom sink, and if we end up having to buy another house, my dad will pay for it.”

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Image source: Wikimedia

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