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Agent Disowns Uncle For Using Another Realtor®

Houston, TX – Last month, 23 year old Zach Mayberry emailed his entire contact list, “Ya boi just passed the real estate license exam, hmu if you finna’ buy a home !!!1!”

His uncle, Robert, bought a home with the help of a different Realtor®, but still asked Zach to help him move in.

“There’s no way I’m helping that old fart move Aunt Annette’s china collection after he chose an older, wiser, more experienced Realtor® over his own nephew,” Zach said, biting back tears. “He’s dead to me.”

“I practically raised the little brat,” 53 year old Robert muttered while struggling to move an antique bookcase. “Do you know how many boxes of peppermint bark I bought from his elementary school fundraising catalogs over the years? Those cost more than this house!”

“I can’t believe he was seeing other people,” Zach openly wept on the stair steps to his first open house. “All those years together… I thought we had something special.”

“It’s nothing personal,” Robert said, rubbing his aching lower back. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to call my niece to schedule an appointment. She’s a chiropractor!”

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