Staying in your childhood home

7 Reasons Why Your Childhood Home Is the Perfect Bachelor Pad

Bro, you should totally buy your childhood home from your parents. Here are 7 reasons why it’s already the perfect bachelor pad.

  1. Don’t bother buying fancy neon lights or LED strips. You can get lit with the night lights that have protected you from the big bad dark since you were a wittle baby.  
  2. All those participation trophies that your mom kept in a polished display case are a constant reminder that you’re not a complete failure.
  3. Pick up the LEGO bricks you keep stepping on. Build something nice and sturdy, like a castle or bridge, for some sense of stability and security in your life.
  4. Prominently display your parents’ utensil and cookware sets to trick guests into believing that your diet does not revolve solely around dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets.   
  5. When you have to impress guests with your cooking, just boil the macaroni art that you gave dad for Father’s Day in 2004. Even you can’t mess up mac and cheese.
  6. Your Spongebob bed sheets pair perfectly with the Saturday morning cartoons that you still watch in your pajamas.
  7. Family photos everywhere. You get to see your family every day without having to actually visit them!

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