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Empty Nesters Move into Son’s Childhood Treehouse

Plano, Texas – Ben and Mary Jackson always dreamed of converting their son’s bedroom into a media room. However, when young Jeffrey moved to Houston to attend Rice University, the pair of empty nesters were hit pretty hard.

“We missed him a lot,” said Mrs. Jackson. “We just wanted to feel close to him again. One day, we climbed up to his childhood treehouse to reminisce. We felt so at peace that we decided to move in permanently.”

That was 5 months ago. Since then, Mr. Jackson has built in a working bathroom, kitchen with granite countertops, and of course, a media room.

“Jeffrey and I built this treehouse when he was just eight years old!” laughed Mr. Jackson, replacing the rickety ladder with a spiral staircase. “With all the spare time I have now, why not turn it into a castle dedicated to our son?”

“I’m glad Ben coped with his midlife crisis by learning home building!” chirped Mrs. Jackson, planting a kiss on her husband’s cheek.

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson plan on selling both their home and the finished tree house, which is currently valued at $40,000, at the end of the month. They are moving to Houston to be closer to their son.

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