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Agent Stays in Touch with Clients Through Midnight Text Messages

Los Angeles, California – Every real estate agent knows to stay in touch with clients after closing the deal. Some send holiday greeting cards or throw parties, but 29 year old Victor Saenz employs an unusual technique to maintain relationships.

“Every Friday night, I text my past clients,” said Saenz. “I understand that they’re very busy during the day, so I try to reach them at night when they’re not on the job.”

“Nothing gives me more joy than receiving that ‘u up?’ message from Victor at 2:00 am,” said Laura Stone, who bought a house from Saenz nine months ago. “It’s not like a booty call at all. We’ll talk about real estate over the phone for hours.”

“Victor? I love that dude,” said Kevin Kim, another past client. “He does everything with a personal touch and he’s so reliable. If I tell him I’m out with the boys when he texts me on Friday nights, he’ll offer to give me a ride home.”  

However, Kim said that he doesn’t plan on giving Saenz any referrals. “I try to keep business and friendship separate, and Victor is definitely a friend. He’ll be invited to my wedding, though!”

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