Home Staging Tip: Unflushed Toilets Give Home a More “Lived-In” Feel

You’ve seen these homes before. When you enter, it feels like you are walking into a catalog. Couch pillows are perfectly creased, the rugs are spotless, and you are afraid to touch anything.

And while the sterile floors, white walls, and mint-condition furniture may seem like good selling points, according to Detroit-area home stager Margarette Waters, buyers are looking for a little more.

“The modern buyer isn’t looking for a blank slate. They want a human story behind the home,” says Waters.

And with that, Waters has a bit of an unconventional staging tip.

“While a home is on the market, I always encourage sellers to refrain from flushing any toilets. It might sound odd, but I’ve found that buyers, particularly younger male buyers, aren’t as repulsed by it as you might think,” says Waters.

For Waters, it all goes back to her background in psychology. Having almost received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology from Michigan State University, she’s using her education to help manipulate people into buying homes.

According to Waters, “when a buyer touring a home comes across an unflushed toilet, or a body-hair coated sink, they immediately imagine their own feces or body hair in that bathroom. In a small part of their brain, they have already bought that house.”  

While we at The Second Story will not weigh in on the efficacy of this tip, we always encourage sellers and listing agents to think outside the bun when trying to sell a home.

Have you ever tried this method? Do you have any unconventional staging tips. Let us know in the comments!

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Image Source: https://www.freeimages.com/photo/toilet-seat-1504330

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