New Home Trend: Tiny Home Meets Green Home

Tiny homes may be all the rage, but some of them leave just as much as a carbon footprint as regular size homes. Meanwhile, green homes can be efficient and good for the environment, but what if they’re too big? Enter the hot new trend sweeping the housing market: tiny green homes.

“We looked at the tiny home trend and thought, ‘How can this be more eco-friendly?’” said Bill Nelson of MicroGreen Homebuilders. “We decided to build the homes out of 100% recyclable material — cardboard. It took years of research and development, but we finally have a design that works.”

The average tiny green home measures 20 inches x 20 inches x 20 inches and boasts brown corrugated cardboard walls, roof, and floor. The structure can be entered from the roof or any of the walls, making a tiny green home as customizable as it is practical. “Buyers love the unique minimalist design and they feel good about doing their part to save the environment,” said Nelson. And if you live in an earthquake-prone state like California, don’t worry — tiny green homes are 100% earthquake-proof, having been known to withstand 8.0+ magnitude earthquakes without collapsing.

If you have a buyer who wants to be on the cutting edge of this housing trend, tiny green homes can be found at any Home Depot in the “Moving Supplies” aisle or near the dumpsters behind most grocery stores.

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