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What To Do in the Hour Between Showings to Avoid Thinking About Your Existential Dread

BOSTON, MA — We’ve all heard it before: Time is money! For an agent, filling up your day with as much client contact as possible is important for your personal success as an agent and accomplishments as a human being. After all, and I’m sure most agents will agree on this, finding their client a dream home is the most fulfilling and uplifting thing an agent can do. Seeing home after home after home filled with loving families and potential for the future is a reward in itself — the money is just a nice perk. Filling up that calendar day after day after day, making sure each of your hours is filled with helping your clients achieve their dreams, is the way for an agent to achieve their own dreams.

But some days — some days you’ll have a free hour here or there. Or a client will cancel. Or there will be no houses to show. And then what? What fills the void until the next meeting? How do you calm the thoughts that swirl unending through your anxious mind until it’s night and you pass out from exhaustion into a dreamless slumber?

Here are some suggestions of what you can do to fill your downtime:

  • Browse Facebook for potential clients
  • Look up real estate memes
  • Cry
  • Wish you were never born
  • Generate new leads
  • Curse your own existence
  • Take some online professional development courses

You’re not just limited to these few things, but these are suggestions on what you can do when you have a little time that you just can’t fill. Happy selling!

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