Scents to Avoid at an Open House

  1. Cookies. This one is just too played out. Instead, be unique! Use a smell like fresh fruit or your favorite flowers.
  2. Old person smell. Even though old people are the only ones who have enough money to buy a house, it’s important that you keep your house open to younger buyers. Instead, use that incense they use at catholic funerals to remind them that the end is not far off.
  3. New car scent. This is a house, not a car! Instead, fill the house with more classic car scents, like pine tree and vanilla pine tree.
  4. Leftovers. Sure, you have them laying around in your fridge that you barely touch and haven’t opened in weeks. This is usually not the time to bring them out. Instead, try bringing in a fresh food smell like curry or fresh-cooked tilapia.
  5. Overwhelming bleach. This is a tip-off that this house may have been a crime scene. Instead, leave wet towels in every corner to preserve the home’s natural mustiness.
  6. Shit. This one shouldn’t even need to be stated, but feces should be avoided because it can have a pungent aroma that can be picked up by nostrils. Instead, try urine. With its milder scent, it can really set the scene and give the home a real lived-in feel. Plus, urine will ward off the roaming packs of coyotes.

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