Half of a Listing’s Photos Just World Landmarks

A Zillow listing for a home in San Bernardino County inexplicably includes photos of world landmarks, according to resident Shelly Parsons.

The listing includes six photos of the interior of the home, two of the exterior, one of the closest highway exit… and then seven photos of various world landmarks.

“Okay, here’s a picture of the kitchen… there’s the backyard… and then here’s Mount Rushmore, which according to Google, is 1,283 miles away from the home.”

As Parsons continued to scroll, the photos became increasingly less believable.

“Are they trying to say the home is in walking distance to Taj Mahal?”

According to Parsons, the last photo of the listing is that one of the astronaut playing golf on the moon.

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Image Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/RyGG5z6SUZ8

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